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Meet the "CEO of Brook Brovaz Music & Cloe Luv LLC." Cloe Luv

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Who is Cloe’ Luv and what was the motivation for starting your brand?

I am the CEO of Brook Brovaz Music an independent label and Production Company. We produce a lot of music for labels, upcoming artists, and established artists including some of the hottest artists in the industry including television. A lot of the times when you are watching certain programs such as the NFL, E Online, and VH1, the music that you hear behind the scenes comes from my production company. We have over 500 placements on TV that they continue to recycle across multiple platforms because the music works. As of late, Hip Hop Evolutions who got an Emmy for season one and season two just came out on Netflix. We are also coming out with an EP this fall called "A summer in Brooklyn”, written, produced and performed by the producers of Brook Brovaz. Then I have Cloe’ Luv LLC, which is a talent management and brand company. I manage the Brook Brovaz and I manage Playboy’s Playmate of the year, Jordan Emanuel. I help businesses build their brand from beginning to end from the LLC to the branding, trademarking, finding your niche market, developing a marketing plan and counseling you through your first few clients. Under Cloe’ Luv LLC I have Cloe’s corner which is a co-working and gathering space that I just opened in July half a block from the Barclays Center in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. I want to build a community of entrepreneurs that can work together simultaneously in the space. So if you do accounting, funding, or websites, you can work within the community to get what you need to be done for your business, as well as uplift and support each other. I will be providing workshops, classes, and events to support and give my members platforms. Outside of that we either host events or it is available for rental for others to host their events. I have a few other brands in the developmental stages and visual projects that I am working on but for now, I am focusing on those three.

It is very motivating to see all of the projects you are working on. It encourages me to do