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Meet the Founder of the Toni Rose Foundation Inc Keanna Hinds

Keanna Hinds is a registered nurse, mother, daughter, philanthropist, and founder of The Toni Rose Foundation Inc. With over ten years of nursing experience, Keanna has found joy in caring for individuals in different stages of life and has experienced a great deal of fulfillment in hospice nursing care.

Keanna is also the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Kendi's Korner, LLC, which provides marketing, journalism, and broadcasting services to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizations in New York City. Kendi's Korner, LLC, bridges the gap between patrons and business owners in the community.

In 2018, after the untimely passing of her mother, Keanna started the Toni Rose Foundation in her honor to keep her memory alive and also start a mission that will forever change the route of her life. Keanna has also lent her broadcasting skills to the Toni Rose Foundation, spare-heading the foundation's first passion project called "Life After Death…The Notorious GRIEF". The podcast discusses everything related to grief. Keanna continues to have a strong presence in her community and vows to use her life experiences to fuel her purpose.

Who is Keanna Hinds, BSN, RN, and what was your motivation for starting your brand?

You may not know how it feels to board a flight for a memorable vacation with your family and watch it turn into a nightmare right in front of your eyes, but I do. Death of U.S Citizens abroad is more prevalent than you think. With over 700 reported deaths from unnatural causes in 2018 alone, and no government officials to help victims and families seek closure and get answers for these tragedies, my mission is to help educate the masses on how we can protect ourselves while traveling abroad.