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Dr. Anesha Fuller, Ed.D. is a New York City public school educator, author, adjunct professor, and owner of a photography company.

Dr. Fuller is a graduate of Capella University with a Doctorate of Education specializing in Curriculum and Instruction. She has aspirations of becoming a full-time college dean, curriculum writer, a lobbyist for education rights, and enforcing the appropriate policies from K-12 and Higher Education are in place.


She is the founder of the No Rest Until Success Foundation (NRUSF), which serves the NYC community in educational awareness, but whose central aims are helping NYC high school seniors pursue their dreams of college by providing them with scholarships.


Dr. Fuller’s success story stems from her upbringing in the Brownsville/East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY, and being exposed to the power of education and the places that a solid education can take you. Raised without either of her parents, she has managed to put herself through school and remain student-loan and debt free. Her personal struggles have created in herself a sense of purpose to motivate and encourage others to use education to lift themselves out of poverty or the battle or rut that they may be in. She hopes to inspire people to a promising tomorrow.

The No Rest Until Success Foundation is based on the premise that every child is given ownership of his or her learning to grow not only professionally but personally as well. Dr. Fuller ensures that each child is set on a path to make a serious commitment to lifelong learning for themselves and everyone they come in contact with throughout life. Each child is taught to question, assess, and re-asses, to constantly renew and improve their knowledge and skills. Children are taught to believe in themselves and take risks when necessary for achieving at the highest level in their choice of endeavor(s).

Her overall purpose for the No Rest Until Success Foundation is to leverage the resources that were made available to her to help students tap into the resources available to them in order to WIN!!! Education does not encompass only formal education—educating the mind with knowledge of all sorts can deliver people out of their present situations and unlock the doors to success.

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