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Meet "Woman to Woman" Series Author Dr. Cierrah Perrin

Dr. Cierrah Perrin, Ed.D, is an Author and Educator on a lifelong mission to empower, motivate, and inspire as many women as possible through the power of words. As a community leader, she strives to support initiatives that advocate the voice of women everywhere. As an emerging author, she is a contributor in the book, "Truth Be Told: Narratives from the Souls of Black Women" and her forthcoming installment of the Woman to Woman book series will be released soon.

When it comes to her newest book, Dr. Cierrah is deeply inspired by conversations she's had with her courageous sister, Clardia Perrin, who suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia. She is also inspired by her shero and mother, Shirley Yarber. Influenced by compassionate go-getters and visionaries, her influences range from Ursula Burns, Bozoma Saint John, Michelle Obama, and Marissa Mayer, to fellow women who are doing everything they can to not only get by in life but thrive.

Outside of the writing world, Dr. Cierrah Perrin works in the information technology sector as a Principal Business Architect. She also received her doctorate by the time she was 30 and graduated at the top of her class.

Who is Dr. Cierrah Perrin, and what was your motivation for starting your brand?

The motivation behind my brand was simply from knowing that women needed more. So much is geared towards a particular type of woman, and I wanted to create something that