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Turn your wounds into wisdom.

—Oprah Winfrey



Dr. Fuller's 1st Publication is the book, "Growing Up Forsaken: From Vagrant to Ph.D." 


With the growing epidemic of parental abandonment, the need for identifying one as a person-in-need and restoring one's mental health as a crisis that people face today is a challenge as most people hide it and sweep it under the rug due to the fear of the judgment of others. Growing Up Forsaken, an instructive and inspirational memoir/self-care book calls all "Forsaken," who can also be considered the "Forgotten Children," out of the shadows. It is the dawn of a new era, the "Awakening of the Forsaken." Come and read the story of how this Forsaken beat all the odds of adversity.​

 Dr. Fuller sheds light on mental health and parental abandonment in this publication. Two touchy topics generally shy away from or are not discussed out of fear of backlash.​

Dr. Fuller's 2nd Publication is the book "Creating the Paradigm Shift in the Mind is the interactive prayer Journal for you." 

One of the most powerful things that we have is our Mind. The Mind is the most potent part of our body and operates as our body's CPU. Think about it: what do you feed your Mind daily? Do you practice positive or negative thinking? Most importantly, what do you feed your Mind in Christ? Do you Stand on God's word or rely on your strength? Do you believe in what God says about you, or do you believe in what mankind says about you? Do you take your problems to God, or do you take them to the World?


Today, when life's daily ups and downs challenge our minds, we must feed ourselves the word of God to stay afloat. We must be able to Pray and, most importantly, keep our mindset focused on God's word. We must create a shift in our minds.

In this publication, Dr. Fuller sheds light on training our minds to think positively, journal our thoughts, work through our emotions, and, most importantly, do all these things with our beliefs in God.

Dr. Fuller's 3rd Publication is the book "Consequential Correspondence: A New Me and a Better Version of You". 

This book covers the topics of:

Emotional Intelligence

(How do you master your emotional state daily?)

Self-Worth (How do you feel about yourself?)


(What do you want to come to pass in your life?)

Attachment Style

(How do early attachment styles from your childhood encourage your correct relationships with other individuals? Are you anxious or fearful, avoidant, attached, etc.?

(Changing Your Crowd (How to accept that you’re growing and it's okay to change your social circle?)

This Interactive guide allows you to read along and answer thought-provoking questions that prompt you to dig deeper to create the elite version of yourself. YES, YOU!

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