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Are you looking for great resources to help your students pass the English Regents Exam? Look no further!!


Inside this detailed package, you will find over 15 different documents that can be used to help your students successfully prepare for the regents.


This includes:

  • Graphic organizers with sentence starters that are perfect for ENL and SPED learners for the Text Analysis Response Task and Argumentative Essay

  • Detailed Sample Text Analysis Task and Argumentative Essay can be used as a tool to help guide students and serve as a rubric to match against their work.

  • Key phrases/Vocabulary Words from the Regents with the definition

  • Two Key phrases/Vocabulary words activity sheets to help boost student knowledge of the Regents Vocabulary

  • Tips sheet on how to answer Multiple choice questions/Text analysis/Argumentative essay

  • Checklist for Text Analysis and Argumentative Essay ... Plus more!!

NYS English Regents Exam Preparation Packet

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