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Looking for a few great resources to help your struggling students with the Global Studies Regents. Look no further. Here at Dr. Fuller's Corner, we have dynamic worksheets that help students pass the regents. 


When you purchase this PDF, you gain access to four worksheets that include: 

  • Key phrases /words  with the definitions  from the Global Studies Regents 
  • Two Key Phrases /Words  from the Global Studies Regents Activity Sheets (Geared towards helping students identify and memorize the keywords and phrases on the Regents through vocabulary activity)  
  • A shortened acronym-based outline that teaches students how to approach the Enduring Issue Essay. 
  • A detailed, enduring issue essay that serves as a sample for students to view and use as a guide/rubric to guide them on how to write their essays. 

Global History & Geography Regents Review Material

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